' Hunt McKay - Danna McKay

Danna McKay, Partner

‘Living in a place most people dream of vacationing to’ is a comment Danna shares often when asked about life in Northern California.  Born and raised in the Midwest, Danna moved to California almost 20 years ago as part of a corporate relocation, arriving without knowing much about wine or the area.  Settling easily into a routine that included time outdoors every day and get togethers with friends over a glass of wine, Danna began learning about the wines of California and discovering the Bay Area.

That first summer in California Danna also visited Yosemite National Park, now her family’s favorite vacation spot.  Amongst the neighborhood vineyards at her home, she has a boulder and rock stream with waterfalls and a pond – inspired by Yosemite and the perfect setting to share a glass of KaDieM Cabernet with good friends, fresh food and engaging conversation.  

Not wanting to leave California and interested in becoming more engrained in the culture of the area, Danna started working in the Napa Valley wine industry over 10 years ago.  With degrees in Economics and Marketing and a background in business management, Danna has led the Marketing and Public Relations efforts for two Napa Valley wineries – Charles Krug Winery and Francis Coppola Winery.  Now working full time as the General Manager for an electronic device company in San Francisco, Danna oversees the business operations, marketing and PR efforts for Hunt McKay.  Some of Danna’s favorite weekends are those spent walking the vineyards and working in the winery, seeing each new vintage develop and learning to identify and understand the elements that make each one unique.  

Just as they all share a love of Yosemite, Danna looks forward to introducing her two teenaged sons to the Napa Valley and Hunt McKay wines in a few years.